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Finding Hidden Gems in a Hot Stock Market

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Stocks are near all-time highs again, with the NASDAQ the best performing index in 2018.

Technology and social media stocks have been the main drivers of much of the bullishness.

For investors, it's been a no-brainer to own the FAANG stocks and other technology names.

Apple and Amazon have busted out to new all-time highs and are now trillion-dollar market cap companies, the first time in history any company has achieved that.

And while Apple shares are up nearly 30% year-to-date, which is beating the major indexes, would it surprise you to find out that an old school department store chain, Macy's, is outperforming Apple shares this year?

The growth stocks may be getting all the glory, but there are many hidden gem value stocks that are crushing it too.

The key is to get them into your portfolio.

How do you find these rare creatures?

First you have to know what you're looking for and then you have to have the guts to jump in.

What's a Hidden Gem Stock?

To find hidden gems, you have to know what they are.

1) They're "Hidden"

A hidden stock usually means they're less covered by Wall Street analysts. The larger the company, usually the more analysts there are on it. These stocks get all the glory and television time.

Small and mid-cap stocks often get neglected by the Street. As a result, many hidden gems are smaller cap companies.

2) They're a "Gem"

A gem is defined as something that's prized. A hidden gem, then, is something that is prized that no one knows much about.

With the stock markets soaring, gem stocks are often those that are undervalued compared to the overall market or their peers.

That was the case with Macy's, as it traded with a forward P/E as low as 5.5 in 2017 when the Street was running away from nearly all the retailers other than Amazon.

It doesn't mean they're down on their luck, though. Quite the opposite.

Hidden gem stocks are often value stocks that the rest of the market is ignoring but which still have rising earnings and strong fundamentals.

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How to Find Hidden Gems

It's not easy to find hidden gems.

Most investors like to follow the crowd. It doesn't take a lot of guts to buy Apple's stock. But if you bought Macy's over the last few years because you recognized that it was cheap, you would have had to tune out the naysayers who were saying that retail was doomed.

And you would have had to have patience.

Macy's is a large cap stock and well-known name. It wasn't "hidden" so much as "ignored." But other stocks are truly hidden. No one is talking about them.

What about the small-cap retailers? How do investors find them?

Or that mid-cap cabinet manufacturer that is selling a lot of kitchen cabinets now that home remodeling is hot again?

Screening for Hidden Gems

You can screen for small-cap companies and put some value and growth fundamentals in the mix. But those screens usually return a lot of stocks and you're going to miss out on the occasional large-cap stock, like Macy's, that the Street is ignoring.

If you're the type that likes to dig through a lot of earnings reports, then you can find some hidden gems this way.

But another strategy is to use the powerful combination of the Zacks Rank alongside solid fundamentals to find the best hidden gem value stocks.

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That's how we've closed gains of +89.5%, +167.8% and +142.8% in just this past year.

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Tracey Ryniec, as Zacks Value Stock Strategist, directs our Value Investor portfolio.