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Your Secret to Sustainable Gains

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Three little letters are going to make a big splash in the investment world. The pandemic is rapidly reshaping the stock market, and understanding this shift is crucial for us to continue driving returns. Two things defined the COVID-crisis trade: hyper-fast market movement and a new wave of retail investors entering the financial world. Both of these have long-term implications on the stock market, which we can learn and profit from.

No, those three little letters are not the next red-hot stock pick for your portfolio. It’s a whole new way of categorizing and evaluating stocks with the future in mind.

Not just future profit, but future sustainability. Companies that fit this criterion are built to last.

It’s called ESG—standing for environmental, social, and governance—three ideas that are critical to building a company with profits and positive impact for the long run. ESG portfolios aren’t just quick wins. They are meant to stand the test of time and maximize value for ALL stakeholders, including employees, the environment and society at large. 

"The Kids Are All Right"

As millennials and Gen Zs begin to get more involved in the investment world, they increasingly demand that companies focus on sustainability.

According to a study done by Bank of America, 86% of consumers believe that companies should address ESG issues (94% of Gen Zs and 87% of Millennials). And these investors’ portion of the market is only going to increase as time goes on. Millennials alone are expected to invest between $15 trillion and $20 trillion into ESG stocks in the coming years.

There’s no question this trend will have a major influence on the stock market’s future – but it’s already paying off for investors in the present.

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Breakout ESG Stocks with Exceptional Profit Potential

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investing has surged to all-time highs -- and the trend has continued to accelerate, even through the COVID pandemic. Now is an ideal time for investors to get in on this massive wealth-building opportunity.  

Zacks has just released Investing for Impact, a new Special Report to help investors maximize their ESG profits. The report reveals our top 4 sustainable recommendations, each poised for significant outperformance in today’s market conditions. Don’t delay: Investing for Impact is only available until Sunday, June 28.

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ESG-focused investing has outperformed the broader market on effectively every historical performance chart. Research also shows that the higher a company scores on key issues (like environmental impact, community support and worker treatment), the better its stock tends to perform. High-ESG companies' stock prices also tend to be less volatile than their non-ESG counterparts.

This category has a penchant for technology companies because young successful tech enterprises tend to be naturally formed around sustainable practices. These businesses are generally run by innovative thinkers that are looking to change the world. These are the type of companies that will drive the stock market in the years to come.

The Takeaway 

ESG investments have a history of outperforming, and this performance gap will continue to widen with time. The speed of the new market, combined with the shift in investor and consumer decisions, will ensure this happens as the younger generations grow to drive the economy and the stock exchanges.

Now is the time to invest in sustainable businesses that are here to make an impact on the future through technological advances and practices that are most beneficial to the environment and society.

ESG stocks are good for your conscience and your portfolio. That’s why Zacks has just released a brand-new Special Report to help you navigate and profit from the powerful trend of sustainable investing. It’s called Investing for Impact: Zacks’ 4 Hottest ESG Buys.

Because of the intense demand for sustainable investing options, a handful of stocks are set for major moves higher. Investing for Impact reveals our top 4 recommendations.

Please note: this report is only available until Sunday, June 28. I invite you to download it today.

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Good Investing,

Daniel Laboe 
Zacks Strategist

Daniel Laboe is an investment expert with a focus and passion for tech, previously working at a Fortune 50 company as a financial analyst and a trader for a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm.

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