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For the first time, a large percentage of national retailers will actually open their doors ON Thanksgiving.

Kmart is opening at 6 AM on Thanksgiving morning and will be open all day long. Others, like Best Buy, are opening at 6 PM. And still others, like Macy's and Kohl's, while trying to respect the Thanksgiving tradition, are opening at 8 PM.

Costco and Nordstrom are among the few big names that will NOT open on Thanksgiving.

"Black Friday" deals have now been moved to Thanksgiving at many stores. Retailers are also rolling out special deals throughout the night and into Friday as a way to keep shoppers coming back into the store after the initial open on Thanksgiving.

The "campers" are already appearing, those dedicated Black Friday shoppers who set up their tents in line at stores like Best Buy a week or more before the Black Friday sales. The change of having retailers opening ON Thanksgiving actually helps the campers because they will spend one less night out in their tents.

As USAToday pointed out, some of the campers don't even end up buying anything.

"Allooh and his two brothers - they're identical triplets - and their friends were eager to be first in line, so Allooh set up camp on Monday. Since then, shoppers have erected two more tents.

Allooh is eyeing a 27-inch computer monitor and some gifts for "someone who doesn't know what we are getting her." It's his mom, Molly Sebring, who laughed talking about her son's urban camping adventure.

Still, he's not completely sure what, if anything, he wants to buy. "I have plenty of time to look at the flyer," he says.

For him, it's more of a social event than a shopping event. Last year, he left right before the store opened and shopped online."

A lot is riding on Thanksgiving day sales especially with a shortened holiday season this year. There is one less weekend compared to a year ago.

Many retailers are facing negative PR by opening early on Thanksgiving Day. Thousands of people have signed various petitions saying they will boycott retailers which open on Thanksgiving.

Some retailers are also paying employees time and a half, with some also providing free food and beverages to employees who are working the Thanksgiving shift.


Will you be shopping ON Thanksgiving this year?

A: Yes.
B: No way. No stores should be open.
C: No. I'm still keeping my Black Friday shopping tradition.
D: No but only because I buy everything online.


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