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Stocks in the News: Archive

Shaun Pruitt

Buy These Chinese Tech Stocks as Risk to Reward Becomes Favorable

After the broader selloff among Chinese securities, there are better entry points being created for Alibaba (BABA), Vipshop Holdings (VIPS), and MakeMyTrip Limited's (MMYT) stock.

MMYTPositive Net Change VIPSPositive Net Change BABANegative Net Change AAPLNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Top-Ranked Tech Stocks to Buy for High Growth

Investors love technology stocks, as their rapid growth and market momentum are undeniably attractive. And for those interested, these three could be great considerations, all boasting improved earnings outlooks.

NVDANegative Net Change CLSNegative Net Change UBERNegative Net Change

Benjamin Rains

3 Top-Ranked Tech Stocks Crushing the Market to Buy in Q4

Diving into top-ranked Zacks stocks from the tech sector that have crushed the market in 2023--two are even attempting to keep pace with Nvidia's 200% rally. All three stocks also offer nice growth outlooks and appear to be sitting at solid technical levels.

NVDANegative Net Change APPNegative Net Change PLUSNegative Net Change VRTNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy these Recent IPOs after Instacart's (CART) Day View?

Investors may be wondering where the opportunity lies at among recent IPOs as analyst and research firms work to complete their financial estimates for Instacart (CART) and Arm Holdings (ARM).

SKWDPositive Net Change CAVANegative Net Change ARMNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Navigate Volatility With These 3 Low-Beta Stocks

Low-beta stocks can provide many beneficial advantages for investors, including a more defensive nature and overall portfolio balance.

RDYNegative Net Change IBKRNegative Net Change VSTPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Is it Time to Buy Chevron or Exxon Mobil Stock as Crude Prices Climb

Investors may be wondering if it's time to buy stock in oil conglomerates Chevron (CVX) and Exxon Mobil (XOM) as more analysts see the possibility of crude prices topping $100 a barrel.

CVXNegative Net Change XOMNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

These 3 Stocks Have Seen Favorable Price Target Upgrades

It's critical to note that not all stocks reach analysts' forecasted levels, as unforeseen circumstances can always affect future performance. Still, the positivity surrounding upgrades can be seen as a solid takeaway.

FSLRNegative Net Change MUNegative Net Change CVNANegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Top-Ranked Stocks Value Investors Shouldn't Ignore

Value-conscious investors are always looking for deals, sitting in the shadows and waiting for the rest of the crowd to catch on.

AEOPositive Net Change DELLNegative Net Change AMWDNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

IPO Watch is it Time to Buy These Intriguing Stocks?

Now may be an ideal time to look at the prospects for some notable companies that had IPOs over the last year as analyst and research firms brace to add financial estimates for Arm Holdings.

MBLYPositive Net Change KGSNegative Net Change INTCNegative Net Change ARMNegative Net Change

Benjamin Rains

3 Renewable Energy and EV Stocks to Buy for Under $25

Investors might decide it is time to take a chance on some home run-style stocks from the renewable energy and electric vehicle industries. The three stocks we break down today are Rivian Automotive (RIVN), Altus Power (AMPS), and Livent (LTHM)

TSLANegative Net Change LTHMNegative Net Change RIVNNegative Net Change AMPSNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Seeking Growth? 3 Small-Caps Worth a Look

Small-cap stocks are solid considerations for those who can handle a higher level of volatility and have a less conservative approach. And for those seeking exposure, these three certainly deserve consideration.

BJRINegative Net Change CVGINegative Net Change LYTSNegative Net Change

Benjamin Rains

Top-Ranked, Market- Beating Stocks to Buy for Surprising Value

Exploring two Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) stocks that have crushed the market over the past two years and the last 20. On top of that, both stocks offer impressive value compared to their own historic levels.

CATNegative Net Change NVDANegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy Stock in These Retail Giants Near 52-Week Lows

After providing underwhelming guidance in August, Target (TGT) and Dollar Tree's (DLTR) stock have continued to move lower.

TGTNegative Net Change DLTRNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Dividend Watch: 3 Companies Boosting Payouts

Shareholders can receive many positive announcements, such as upgraded guidance or news of a hot acquisition. Of course, dividend raises also fall into this category.

VZNegative Net Change MONegative Net Change NTESNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Electric Vehicles & Artificial Intelligence, is it Time to Buy Tesla's Stock?

Shares of Tesla soared +10% on Monday primarily attributed to an upgrade from Morgan Stanley (MS), who raised their price target for the EV pioneer's stock to $400 a share.

TSLANegative Net Change MSNegative Net Change NVDANegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

These 3 Top-Ranked Stocks Have Been Red-Hot

All three of these stocks have enjoyed favorable price action over the last month, outperforming the general market handily. Interestingly enough, all three have also seen favorable earnings estimate revisions, providing shares the fuel needed to continue climbing.

AITPositive Net Change CWCONegative Net Change VSTPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy Apple or Qualcomm Stock for Their Renewed Partnership

Considering their stock performances and growth since partnering in 2019, Apple (AAPL) and Qualcomm (QCOM) have complemented each other quite well.

QCOMNegative Net Change AAPLNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy the Recent Surge in Kroger (KR) or Albertsons (ACI) Stock?

Gravitating to the growth conversation of a potential Kroger (KR) and Albertsons (ACI) merger is at the forefront of investors' minds and the FTC's agenda.

KRNegative Net Change ACINegative Net Change WMTNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Cheap Top-Ranked Stocks Investors Can't Ignore

Value-conscious investors are always looking for deals, sitting in the shadows and waiting for the rest of the crowd to catch on. The strategy can be quite lucrative, especially when it's paired with the Zacks Rank.

CATNegative Net Change ANFNegative Net Change PCARNegative Net Change

Benjamin Rains

Unlocking Long-Term Value: 3 S&P 500 Stocks to Buy Now on the Dip

Investors with long-term horizons might want to consider buying proven S&P 500 stocks that are trading at levels that could look like steals years or even months from now.

PSANegative Net Change SBUXNegative Net Change MCDNegative Net Change PAYCNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Energy Stocks Suited Nicely for Income Investors

Energy stocks have displayed momentum over the last month, with rising oil prices helping investors find interest in the realm. And with these three, investors can reap a passive income stream.

MMPNegative Net Change CVIPositive Net Change GRNTNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Seeking Income? 3 High-Yield Stocks to Buy

Dividend-paying stocks can allow investors to build a cash pile quickly. After all, isn't payday the best?

USACNegative Net Change BSMPositive Net Change KRPPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Companies Committed to Boosting Shareholder Value

All three of these companies have shown a commitment to shareholders, whether that be through share buybacks or dividend hikes. Is it time to buy?

MSNegative Net Change LOGINegative Net Change CBNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

These 3 Companies Boast Big Growth Expectations

Growth stocks jumped back into style in 2023 following a rough showing last year, with many widely outperforming the general market year-to-date.

CATNegative Net Change SMCINegative Net Change PANWNegative Net Change

Benjamin Rains

2 Large-Cap Stocks Down 30% to Buy in September for Long-Term Gains

The two stocks we explore today--Nike (NKE) and NextEra Energy (NEE)--are trading at least 30% below their records even though they remain titans of their respective industries.

NEENegative Net Change NKENegative Net Change