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Shaun Pruitt

3 Affordable & Diverse Top-Rated REITs to Buy Now

Here are 3 Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) REIT stocks that investors may want to consider as they appear to be trading at a discount.

IVRPositive Net Change ALEXPositive Net Change ABRPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

2 Unique Dividend Aristocrats to Diversify the Portfolio

Here are two Dividend Aristocrats that are top-rated Zacks stocks at the moment and can offer unique exposure and diversification to investors' portfolios.

BDXPositive Net Change LINPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

2 Dividend Aristocrats to Buy in the Finance Sector

Here are two top-rated stocks from the Zacks Finance sector that investors may want to consider. These stocks are also Dividend Aristocrats, raising their dividends for at least 25 consecutive years.

AFLPositive Net Change CINFPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Bull of the Day: Rio Tinto (RIO)

The Mining-Miscellaneous Industry is currently in the top 30% of over 248 Zacks Industries and Rio Tinto's (RIO) stock is standing out with a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and overall "A" VGM grade for the combination of Value, Growth, and Momentum.

RIOPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy These 3 Dividend Kings

Here are three of the highest-ranked Dividend Kings at the moment who have raised their dividends for at least 50 consecutive years.

NUEPositive Net Change ADMPositive Net Change GWWNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

3 Highly Ranked Stocks with Dividend Yields Over 7%

The rising earnings estimate revisions are a great sign that these companies are benefiting from a strong business environment which should lead to more upside in their stocks along with the passive income.

SUNPositive Net Change ABNegative Net Change AGESYNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Weathering the Economic Storm: This Highly-Ranked Stock Has Flourished

The bullish price action is a sign of strength as this company looks to continue its momentum in the months and years ahead.

LWPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Soon-To-Be Dividend Aristocrats

Dividend payouts boost any portfolio, providing a passive income stream and limiting the impact of drawdowns in other positions. And when it comes to the top dividend-paying stocks, Dividend Aristocrats are in a league of their own.

MSFTPositive Net Change NKENegative Net Change PMPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Keep these 3 Stocks on Your Buy List After the Market Selloff

The broader selloff in markets this week is creating opportunities and here are three stocks that investors should keep an eye on.

CRMPositive Net Change STRLPositive Net Change EPRPositive Net Change SIVBNo Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Should Investors Buy Bristol Myers or CVS Stock Near 52-week Lows?

Investors are often on the lookout for strong companies that may be undervalued and present lucrative long-term opportunities.

BMYPositive Net Change CVSPositive Net Change

Ethan Feller

3 Stocks to Buy for Consistent Dividend Growth

Some of these companies have been around for over 100 years and have seen all imaginable economic environments

BDXPositive Net Change HSYPositive Net Change AFLPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

Reap Monthly Income With This Combination of 3 Stocks

While most stocks pay quarterly dividends, investors can still construct a portfolio that allows them to get paid monthly if they position themselves carefully. Who doesn't like payday?

KOPositive Net Change XOMPositive Net Change ABBVPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Bull of the Day: UBS Group AG (UBS)

This highly-ranked stock has vastly outperformed its financial peers.

UBSNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Popular Sports Retailer Surges to All-Time High on Earnings Beat

The stock has more than doubled off of last year's lows, hitting an all-time high in the process.

DKSNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

This Underappreciated Investment Is Yielding Over 7%

This strategy not only provides investors with above-average income, but also has the ability to produce significant price appreciation.

SUNPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

What Target Earnings State About the U.S. Consumer

While retail management remains cautious about the outlook this year, a strong consumer along with healthy economic activity bode well for the remainder of 2023.

TGTPositive Net Change

Ethan Feller

Value vs. Growth: 3 Stocks Investors Should Buy for Each Style

Growth leads value so far this year, but will it continue...

VNegative Net Change PGPositive Net Change MCDPositive Net Change PMPositive Net Change SPYPositive Net Change NOWNegative Net Change ARKKNegative Net Change ABNBNegative Net Change

Ethan Feller

3 Top Ranked Oil and Gas Stocks for Investors to Buy Today

Over the last year, energy has been the best performing sector in the market. High oil prices have been the major catalyst pushing energy stocks higher, and there are several factors keeping prices elevated

VLONegative Net Change MPCNegative Net Change PSXPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

A Proven Market Leader - In Good Times and Bad

There aren't many stocks that have consistently outperformed the market in both bullish and bearish settings.

HSYPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Should Investors Buy Home Depot or Walmart Stock Before Earnings?

Home Depot (HD) and Walmart's (WMT) Q4 earnings reports on Tuesday, February 21, will give investors a broader glimpse of how the economy is currently affecting consumers.

WMTPositive Net Change HDNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy Deere (DE) Stock with Earnings Approaching?

As one of the larger components of the S&P 500 and the world's largest producer of agricultural equipment Deere's Q1 earnings are much anticipated.

DENegative Net Change CATNegative Net Change

Ethan Feller

3 Utility Stocks to Buy for a Hedge Against Inflation

The CPI component with the second highest YoY inflation was Utilities, at a whopping 26.7%

YORWPositive Net Change ALEPositive Net Change MGEEPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

How to Identify Stocks with the Best Profit Potential

Here's how to narrow down the investment universe to leading stocks poised for explosive growth.

UBSNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Low-Beta Stocks for a Defensive Approach

Low-beta stocks are less sensitive to the market's movements, helping provide investors with a valuable level of stability and defense. And these 3 have seen their earnings outlooks drift higher.

HSYPositive Net Change AFLPositive Net Change LWPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Tech Stocks Suited Nicely for Income Investors

With technology stocks staging a rebound in 2023, those with an appetite for income may be seeking exposure to the sector. These 3 stocks provide precisely that, all currently boasting annual dividend yields above 2%.

GRMNPositive Net Change ASXNegative Net Change HPENegative Net Change