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John Blank

U.S. Earnings Season Begins: Global Week Ahead

The Masters golf tournament starts on Thursday April 11th. That kicks off Spring in the USA for many golf-crazed traders.

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John Blank

Tesla's Share Price Fade: Zacks APRIL Market Strategy

Want to know one very good global factor behind Tesla's (TSLA) notable late 2023 and early 2024 earnings and share price slide? Zacks Chief Strategist John Blank knows.

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Yashwardhan Jain

Unlock Opportunities With Emerging Market ETFs

Supported by the ongoing U.S.-led global economic growth, the macroeconomic outlook for emerging markets seems to be improving since late 2023. Encouraging indicators favoring the growth potential of EMs can result in investors shifting their focus away from the latter.

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John Blank

Global Week Ahead: Currency Headwinds and U.S. Jobs on Deck

In the global week ahead, inflationary data from Europe and the U.S. jobs report will be a key focus for bond and stock traders alike.

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John Blank

The "Dot Plot" Shall Land: Global Week Ahead

Wednesday's Fed meeting is all about gauging policymakers' views on the timing of rate cuts, the resilience of the U.S. economy, and the possibility of an inflationary rebound.

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John Blank

Time for a Big Small-Cap Run? Zacks March 2024 Strategy

Two-and-a-half years ago, traders saw a short-lived run-up in small-cap land. The broad blended small-cap RUT index peaked on Nov. 8th, 2021 at 2,458.

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Mark Vickery

Target, NIO Beat; "Jobs Week" Starts Tomorrow

What we're seeing in today's pre-market is continued light selling, akin to Monday's overall trading attitude.

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John Blank

Is Inflation Under Control? Global Week Ahead

U.S. inflation is back in the spotlight on Thursday, with the PCE price index set to give investors another look at an economy that has been stronger than many had expected.

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John Blank

Nvidia Reports on the A.I. Boom: Global Week Ahead

After Nvidia's stock more than tripled in 2023, the chipmaker at the center of the excitement over A.I. has seen its shares soar another roughly +50% so far this year.

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John Blank

Strong U.S. Economy Sucks Up Dollars: Global Week Ahead

Attention falls on Tuesday's January inflation data. Any signs that price pressures are gaining momentum again could push rate cut bets further into the future.

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John Blank

A Look at Foreign Direct Investment Leaders

Times do change. Corporate and technology structures inside the world economy can change dramatically.

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John Blank

Stay Aggressive with a Cloudy 2024? Zacks FEB Market Strategy

Each month, in our monthly Market Strategy report, Zacks lists a short 1-pager, with suggested portfolio allocations for Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive & Income investors.

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John Blank

What Will Be the Mega-Caps' Outlook? Global Week Ahead

Five of the "Magnificent Seven" stocks tallied eye-popping gains in 2023 and helped lift the S&P500 to a new record high in January for the first time in two years.

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John Blank

Netflix, Tesla and Intel: Global Week Ahead

Also, in the U.S., the Fed's preferred December PCE inflation data lands late in the week.

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John Blank

Surf's Up in Davos: Global Week Ahead

Central bankers, financiers and business leaders will discuss a challenging global economic picture, shifting monetary policy and rising debt levels.

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Yashwardhan Jain

Invest in Emerging Asia in 2024 With These ETFs

With moderating inflation levels in most Asian countries and great growth potential in the medium to long term, investing in Emerging Asian countries can prove beneficial.

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Urmimala Biswas

Emerging Market 2024 Prospects Bright: 3 Stocks to Buy

Three emerging market stocks, PDD Holdings Inc. (PDD), MercadoLibre (MELI), and Nu Holdings Ltd. (NU), are expected to demonstrate a strong upward rally in 2024.

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Shaun Pruitt

2 Highly Ranked Energy Stocks with Dividend Yields over 5%

As markets gain steam attributed to a more dovish Fed, CrossAmerica Partners (CAPL) and Ecopetrol (EC) are two appealing energy stocks to consider.

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John Blank

Where's the New 'Dot Plot'? Global Week Ahead

The Fed's September dot plot 'terminal rate' -- at 5.6% -- is a key summary metric to watch for an end-of-year 2023 update.

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Andrew Rocco

Tapping into India's Growth: 3 ADRs to Own Now

India has one of the fastest growing economies on Earth. U.S. investors can take advantage of the growth with 3 ADRs.

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John Blank

Bond Rates Set Stock Directions: Global Week Ahead

Traders are torn over whether 10-year Treasury bond yields will keep falling. Rate differences weigh on the U.S. dollar, at a seasonally weak time of year.

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Andrew Rocco

Argentine Election Fallout: 3 Assets to Benefit

If Argentine president-elect Javier Milei can turn around the struggling Argentine economy, crisis will lead to opportunity in these 3 assets.

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John Blank

Settling Bets Over CPI Data: Global Week Ahead

Traders, anticipating roughly three quarter-point Fed rate cuts next year, will now turn their attention to Tuesday's inflation data to confirm their view on the outlook.

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John Blank

Another Big Batch of EPS Reports: Global Week Ahead

The U.S. earnings recovery that investors had been hoping for after a lukewarm first half of the year is so far coming to pass, but a number of major tests are still to come.

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