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John Blank

Reflections from Sintra Portugal: Global Week Ahead

The Fed has Jackson Hole, but the ECB has Sintra, its very own central bank forum in the foothills of Portugal's Sintra Mountains.

MSFTPositive Net Change CRMPositive Net Change TGTPositive Net Change WMTPositive Net Change KRPositive Net Change GWWPositive Net Change LENPositive Net Change SNPSNegative Net Change

Vasundhara Sawalka

Jump on the Metaverse Bandwagon With These 4 Tech Stocks

Here we present four tech stocks in the Metaverse Standards Forum - META, NVDA, QCOM and MSFT, which are poised to benefit from the metaverse boom.

QCOMNegative Net Change MSFTPositive Net Change NVDANegative Net Change METANegative Net Change

John Blank

Central Banks Will Still Drive Stocks: Global Week Ahead

Forget S&P 500 earnings estimates for the time being. Financial market trading has been fully tied to fresh key macro data and macro-driven policy events these days.

DLTRPositive Net Change DELLNegative Net Change BIDUPositive Net Change

John Blank

The Only Investment Indicator You Need

You must learn to pass judgment on the U.S. economy yourself. Gladly there is a simple system Zacks Chief Strategist John Blank uses that does very well in this regard.

QQQPositive Net Change SPYPositive Net Change DIAPositive Net Change

John Blank

A Big Central Bank Week: Global Week Ahead

On Wednesday, the U.S. Fed certainly delivers its 2nd straight 50-basis-point (bps) rate hike, in order to bring broad U.S. consumer inflation under control. A day later, and then Friday, Britain and Sweden will also likely lift interest rates again.

VLOPositive Net Change SUPositive Net Change MPCPositive Net Change

John Blank

Time to Buy in June? Global Week Ahead

The sell-in-May-and-go-away adage applies to equities and yes, investors dumped stocks, especially those listed on the tech-heavy Nasdaq.

DALPositive Net Change WYPositive Net Change MPWRNegative Net Change

Kevin Cook

Bear of the Day: Align Technology (ALGN)

Global growth slowdown has slashed EPS another 19% this year, but keep this dental innovator on your radar

ALGNPositive Net Change

John Blank

Watch the CPI Data: Global Week Ahead

The policy-tightening rush is adding to the storm clouds gathering over the world economy, hit by soaring food and energy prices, war in Ukraine and China's COVID curbs.

VWAGYPositive Net Change ABNBPositive Net Change TTEPositive Net Change

John Blank

Lots to Focus On: Global Week Ahead

Earnings growth for the quarter drops to +0.5% on an ex-Energy basis, but improves to +13.3% on an ex-Finance basis. But that is not the only stock market matter to care about.

WMBPositive Net Change DVNNo Net Change XOMPositive Net Change

John Blank

Does May 9 Matter? Global Week Ahead

The May 9th date is attracting attention in global headlines: it's Victory Day, marking the Russian defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945 at the end of World War II.

AMXPositive Net Change NFLXPositive Net Change PGPositive Net Change TSLAPositive Net Change NTDTYPositive Net Change UBERPositive Net Change

John Blank

Russia the Biggest Influence on Global Markets: Zacks APRIL 2022 Market Strategy

Yes, the massive and comprehensive sanctions on Russian oil and gas exports remain a major disruptive force. Yet there will be other major global oil and gas sources to tap.

SPYPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Is It Time to Give Chinese Stocks the Green Light?

The notion of China weighing down emerging markets is far from a new reality.

JDPositive Net Change KWEBPositive Net Change

John Blank

Geopolitics on the Front Burner: Global Week Ahead

As calendar Q2 gets underway, the big macroeconomic question is when soaring global consumer price inflation rates will finally peak.

AMDNegative Net Change KRPositive Net Change TSLAPositive Net Change

Mark Vickery

"Chip Rally," NATO Results, Drive Market Indexes

Today's chip rally also owes a debt of gratitude to the NATO meetings in Brussels just wrapping up today.

AMZNPositive Net Change AAPLPositive Net Change NVDANegative Net Change

Sweta Killa

5 ETFs That Tumbled Most on Persistent China Sell-Off

China stocks have been witnessing relentless selling pressure on concerns about the country's ties with Russia and regulatory pressure.

KTECNegative Net Change KWEBPositive Net Change CHIQPositive Net Change PGJPositive Net Change KGRNNegative Net Change

Daniel Laboe

US Stock Market Consolidates Ahead Of The Fed's Pivotal Liftoff Meeting

Get ready for what promises to be one of the most important weeks of market-moving action as investors' focus shifts towards the Federal Reserve

ACNPositive Net Change DGPositive Net Change SPositive Net Change GMEPositive Net Change FDXNegative Net Change JBLNegative Net Change LENPositive Net Change WSMPositive Net Change ARKKPositive Net Change SMARPositive Net Change PDPositive Net Change WRBYPositive Net Change

Mark Vickery

Early Friday Markets Up on Positive Words from... Putin?

Despite bombs continuing to drop in Ukraine, Putin says he sees a "positive shift" in peace talks.

QQQPositive Net Change SPYPositive Net Change DIAPositive Net Change

Daniel Laboe

Why Regulation Is A Bullish Signal For Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is rallying ahead of President Biden's anticipated executive order focused on policing the burgeoning cryptocurrency market

ETHPositive Net Change

Mark Vickery

Russia's Economic Freeze-Out Advances

This is already the largest trade embargo against one country any of us have ever seen.

KOPositive Net Change MCDPositive Net Change PEPPositive Net Change

Daniel Laboe

Fear-Fueling Headlines Drive Oil To 13-Year High & Drag The S&P 500 Into Correction Territory

I believe that much of the downside to the US economy has already been priced in, but I'm not calling a bottom to this falling knife quite yet

LMTPositive Net Change NOCPositive Net Change AAPLPositive Net Change DVNNo Net Change SOLNegative Net Change APAPositive Net Change OXYPositive Net Change ORCLPositive Net Change ULTANegative Net Change ETHPositive Net Change JDPositive Net Change ICLNPositive Net Change DOCUPositive Net Change CRWDPositive Net Change RTXPositive Net Change RIVNNegative Net Change

Mark Vickery

Volatility Re-enters on Oil Prices, Russia, etc.

About the only thing certain is that oil prices can be expected to continue to move higher.

COSTPositive Net Change GPSPositive Net Change AVGONegative Net Change SNOWPositive Net Change

Mark Vickery

Markets Sink Again; CRM, JWN and SOFI Beat Estimates

Regular trading Tuesday started a new month basically where the first two for 2022 left us.

CRMPositive Net Change JWNNegative Net Change SOFIPositive Net Change

Mark Vickery

Multi-Faceted Attack on Russian Economy Sinks Futures

We're seeing collateral damage where we'd expect to see it, and it will be some time before the dust clears.

GSPositive Net Change CPositive Net Change SPYPositive Net Change

Mark Vickery

Markets Await News from Ukraine, Fed

We don't see much by way of a bullish rally forming the rest of the trading day.

QQQPositive Net Change SPYPositive Net Change DIAPositive Net Change