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Bryan Hayes

The Power of Diversification: It's Time to Buy International Stocks

The catalysts are present for international stocks to come back to the forefront.

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John Blank

Fresh Macro Data Looks Key: Global Week Ahead

A batch of key economic data will shed fresh light on whether the U.S. is staving off a downturn given Federal Reserve rate hikes.

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Bryan Hayes

Is Baidu (BIDU) A Buy Ahead of Q1 Earnings Announcement?

Chinese stocks have shown weakness this year, but may offer upside potential as the Chinese economy reopens.

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Andrew Rocco

From Emerging Markets to Emerging Leaders: 3 Ways to Play Latin America's Ramping Growth

As investors, our job is to look for opportunities wherever they may arise. Though domestic markets provide opportunities, emerging markets are worth a look here.

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John Blank

Big Tech Names Report: Global Week Ahead

The bulk of the S&P500 index components start to report Q1-23 earnings. The U.S. dollar could see if it has regained FX market appeal.

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Bryan Hayes

A Simple 3-Step Process to Identify Winning Stocks

A strategy that is easy to learn and has a history of profitability is much more likely to work in actual trading.

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Bryan Hayes

Coconut Water Craze: Beverage Company Breaks Out

With coconut water sales exploding domestically as well as internationally, how we can take advantage of the theme from a market perspective?

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John Blank

CPI Lands, U.S. Financials Report: Global Week Ahead

A balancing act -- between slowing global growth and sticky global price pressures -- sits at the top of the World Bank and IMF agendas.

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Bryan Hayes

Bull of the Day: Hello Group Inc. (MOMO)

This relatively undervalued emerging market stock is poised to continue its strong momentum.

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John Blank

Rain Brings Wildflowers: Global Week Ahead

There should be sentiment for long-term U.S. Treasury yields to rise, and the U.S. dollar to regain safe haven ground, after a surprising March disappears.

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John Blank

Hope for Financial Market Stability: Global Week Ahead

Q1-23 has been rattled by bank turmoil. Some financial market stability will be much hoped for in coming days... But don't bet on it.

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John Blank

Central Banks Offer Crisis-Era Action: Global Week Ahead

U.S. regional bank turbulence has left deep scars on the world's financial markets -- with the risk of more to come.

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Bryan Hayes

Top Cathie Wood Stock Poised for Explosive Upside: Key Level to Watch

This e-commerce giant that has risen more than 90% off the bear market lows, and its run may be just getting started.

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John Blank

Finally, Nonfarm Jobs Numbers! Global Week Ahead

It's all about jobs, and Friday's February U.S. employment report takes on added significance after stunningly strong January data prompted a rethink on projections for an economic slowdown.

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John Blank

What Have Stocks Priced In? Zacks March Strategy

What fundamentals are U.S. stock markets pricing in? ???Five beaten-down 2022 sectors show outperforming returns in YTD 2023.

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Andrew Rocco

5 Steps to Reduce Portfolio Volatility

Portfolio volatility can have adverse impacts on investor psychology, risk management, and performance. Andrew Rocco breaks down 5 steps to take in order to reduce it.

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Andrew Rocco

2000 Rewind? 6 Reasons This Time is Different

The 2000-2003 bear market had 3 bear market rallies of 15% or more before bottoming. Andrew Rocco makes the distinction between that market and today's market.

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John Blank

U.S. Housing Markets Are Slow: Global Week Ahead

In the Global Week Ahead, a raft of U.S. data and European inflation numbers will give guidance on how the world's top central banks will navigate the way forward.

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John Blank

All Eyes on the CPI: Global Week Ahead

Traders in stock markets have already bet central banks will start to cut borrowing rates later this year. That puts Tuesday's U.S. CPI data on the must-watch list.

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Sanghamitra Saha

Time for Emerging Markets ETFs?

Undervaluation, falling inflation, higher growth rates and chances of slower Fed rate hikes should make emerging market ETFs winners.

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Bryan Hayes

Bull of the Day: Weibo Corp. (WB)

Emerging market valuations remain attractive. The bullish move may be just getting underway.

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Tracey Ryniec

Looking to Invest Outside the United States?

8 years after the first Market Edge Podcast, Greece is again the hot topic.

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