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Andrew Rocco

Nvidia Earnings: The "Superbowl of AI" (Video Included)

Nvidia's earnings report next Wednesday is the most highly anticipated event of this EPS season. Stock Strategist Andrew Rocco breaks down 3 items to watch.

NVDANegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy Amazon (AMZN) Stock After AWS Fuels Strong Q1 Results

Amazon (AMZN) was the latest tech giant to impressively top Q1 expectations reporting after-market hours on Tuesday and seeing its stock spike +2% in today's trading session.

AMZNPositive Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change GOOGLPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Bull of the Day: Alphabet (GOOGL)

Alphabet (GOOGL) continues to rightfully retain its title as a "Magnificent Seven" stock that has significantly boosted the market's returns in recent years and is one of the most appealing technology-driven companies to invest in at the moment.

GOOGLPositive Net Change AAPLPositive Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change NVDANegative Net Change METANegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Payment Giant Lags Ahead of Earnings: Buying Opportunity or Warning Sign?

Earnings from the payment technology company will provide an update on the health of the consumer.

VPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy Meta Platforms (META) and Other Social Media Stocks as Earnings Approach?

Although the broader advertising industry will not be immune to inflationary pressures among other economic headwinds, digital marketing has continued to strengthen making social media stocks attractive.

METANegative Net Change SNAPPositive Net Change PINSPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Is Netflix (NFLX) a Buy Heading into its Upcoming Earnings Announcement?

Netflix is benefitting from its growing subscriber base and a crackdown on password-sharing.

NFLXPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Bear of the Day: Tesla (TSLA)

Unfortunately, investors who are getting that feeling that Tesla's (TSLA) stock could drop even further this year are not alone as it lands a Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell) and the Bear of the Day.

TSLAPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Does the Walt Disney Company Still Have the Magic?

Disney stock is hitting 52-week highs amid a flurry of brokerage upgrades and price target hikes.

DISNegative Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

3 Large-Cap Value Mutual Funds to Add to Your Portfolio

Invest in large-cap value funds like DRGVX, PEQSX and IPEIX to preserve your capital and generate future returns.

DRGVXPositive Net Change PEQSXPositive Net Change IPEIXPositive Net Change

Andrew Rocco

The Magic Elixir: Low Beta + Strong Outperformance (2 Stocks to Buy)

A low-beta stock with strong out performance is ideal for investors seeking a balance between stability and high returns. Stock Strategist Andrew Rocco unveils 2 names with these unique characteristics.

IBMPositive Net Change DECKPositive Net Change SPYPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt (WIX) Joins Nvidia (NVDA) as Standout Tech Stocks to Buy After Earnings

Nvidia (NVDA) and (WIX) continue to build on their developments as AI innovators and tech leaders.

NVDANegative Net Change WIXPositive Net Change DELLPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy Microsoft's (MSFT) Stock for More Upside

Although Microsoft's stock performance has been virtually flat since eclipsing its fiscal second quarter top and bottom-line expectations last week brokers are high on the software giant's outlook.

MSFTNegative Net Change AMZNPositive Net Change AAPLPositive Net Change METANegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Meta (META) Beats Earnings Estimates and Announces First Ever Dividend is it Time to Buy?

Investors walked away from the busy investment week with a lot of news to digest including Meta Platforms (META) announcing its first-ever dividend after comfortably surpassing Q4 top and bottom-line expectations on Thursday.

METANegative Net Change AMZNPositive Net Change AAPLPositive Net Change

Brian Bolan

Brian's Big Idea on Big Caps

A look at big market cap stocks that are reporting soon.

AAPLPositive Net Change AMDPositive Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Is Apple (AAPL) a Buy Heading into Fiscal Q1 Earnings Announcement?

The iPhone maker boasts a stellar track record of exceeding earnings estimates.

AAPLPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy the Recent Dip in Tesla's Stock Before Earnings?

Tesla (TSLA) will be one of the heavy hitters reporting earnings this week with the auto giant scheduled to release its fourth quarter financial results on Wednesday, January 24.

TSLAPositive Net Change FNegative Net Change GMNegative Net Change RIVNPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Time to Get in On Nvidia's Latest Rally to almost $600 a share?

One of the top performers at the start of 2024 has been Nvidia (NVDA) with the chipmaker largely outperforming the broader market and now soaring over +200% in the last year.

NVDANegative Net Change INTCNegative Net Change AMDPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Top Stocks to Buy as Earnings Approach

The Q4 earnings season will pick up with a few notable top-ranked Zacks stocks set to release their quarterly results next Tuesday, January 23.

GENegative Net Change STLDNegative Net Change NFLXPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

High-Volume Trading Suggests it's Time to Buy These Top-Rated Stocks

Higher trading volume suggests the market may have more upside in store for Amazon (AMZN), AGNC Investment (AGNC), and Citigroup's (C) stock.

AMZNPositive Net Change CNegative Net Change AGNCPositive Net Change

Andrew Rocco

Bear of the Day: Cisco Systems (CSCO)

Cisco faces significant challenges that warrant investor caution. Slowing growth, a cutthroat competitive landscape, and a weak industry group make CSCO shares an avoid at this juncture.

CSCONegative Net Change JNPRNegative Net Change QQQNegative Net Change ANETNegative Net Change HPENegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

3 Wealth Building Internet Stocks to Buy as 2024 Approaches

Investing in internet-driven companies has been one of the golden eggs of producing wealth since the dot-com bubble which produced several of the world's wealthiest people.

AMZNPositive Net Change NTESPositive Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change CRWDPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Apple Nears All-Time High: Is the Tech Giant Too Extended?

Apple appears to be breaking out of a multi-month consolidation pattern.

AAPLPositive Net Change