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Bryan Hayes

Will ZM Shares Zoom Higher After Earnings?

The stock has witnessed a nearly -85% decline in price following its peak in October 2020.

ZMPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Healthcare Outperformance May Signal Short-Term Market Bottom

This sector outperformance may be a sign the market is nearing a point of selling exhaustion.

JNJPositive Net Change XLVPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCo: Which Stock Looks More Promising Moving Forward?

A pair of legendary rivals go head to head. One must come out on top.

KOPositive Net Change PEPPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

John Deere Q2 Preview: 11th Consecutive EPS Beat in Store?

Year-to-date, shares have returned a mighty 7%, while the S&P 500 has declined roughly 18%.

DEPositive Net Change TWIPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

The (Not So) Cuddly Bear: Nearing an End or More Pain Ahead?

Is the worst behind us or are we in store for lower lows?

IMONegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Bull of the Day: Dillard's, Inc. (DDS)

The stock has surged more than 1,400% since the March 2020 market bottom.

DDSNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Bear of the Day: Starbucks Corp. (SBUX)

One potential warning sign is the fact that future earnings estimates have been on the decline.

SBUXNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Is Disney A 'Buy' After Reporting Earnings?

Shares of the entertainment giant hit a new low for the year following the earnings release.

DISNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Bear Markets Are a Goldmine for Long-Term Investors

While day-traders and scalpers have their fun, it also brings about an elegant opportunity for investors to add to their long-term positions at valuation levels not seen in quite some time.

AAPLNegative Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change TSLANegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Alphabet Is Wagering a Big Bet on Wearable Accessories

Whether the market is climbing or declining, you can bet on one thing - companies are constantly innovating and developing new products to drive future growth.

AAPLNegative Net Change GOOGLNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

The Repercussions of Money Printing: What to Do Now

What can we learn from historical periods during which the Money Supply experienced similar substantial increases?

HESPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

This Leading Discount Retailer is Trouncing the Market

The stock has fared well during this period of high inflation.

DLTRPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Carl Icahn Shakes Up This Utility's Board and Ousts CEO

The American financier has built his illustrious career by going to war with companies he believes could be run better.

SWXPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Bear of the Day:, Inc. (AMZN)

Recent earnings misses and an unpredictable equity market don't exactly favor bullish AMZN investors.

AMZNNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Reasons Investors Shouldn't Lose Sleep Over Microsoft's Pullback

Technology stocks have suffered in 2022. They felt unstoppable over the last few years, rolling over any doubters and paving the way for investors to reap a multitude of gains.

AMZNNegative Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change ATVINegative Net Change NVDANegative Net Change FBNegative Net Change GOOGLNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Why Shopify (SHOP) Stock is Plunging on Thursday

SHOP is experiencing declining future estimates, which may spell continued trouble for the stock.

SHOPNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Follow the Trend Until the End When It Bends

Only the strongest stocks that are in the most powerful uptrends print fresh yearly highs.

TSPositive Net Change SLXNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

This Tech Giant Is Taking a Page Out of Apple's Playbook With This New Product

The product creation feels like a direct result of the enormous popularity that the Apple Watch has received.

AAPLNegative Net Change GOOGLNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Should You Sell in May and Go Away?

It's important to state that history rarely repeats itself exactly in the market - but it often rhymes.

SPXNegative Net Change SPYNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Reasons to Take Another Bite of Apple

Apple (AAPL) is a stellar company that is a staple in most investors' portfolios. A mega-cap giant, the company is known for providing investors with serious gains with minimal drawdowns along the way.

AAPLNegative Net Change AMDNegative Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change NVDANegative Net Change GOOGLNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Bear Markets Bring Opportunity - Don't Waste It

Some of the top financial institutions in the world are the largest holders of these stocks.

WMPositive Net Change WCNPositive Net Change EVXNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Is Alphabet (GOOGL) A Buy After Reporting Earnings?

Alphabet's earnings shortfall may signal trouble on the horizon for the online-advertising industry.

GOOGLNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Looking To Snap Downtrend, Can Amazon Deliver Results in Q1?

It's been a red year for tech. However, it's been an even tougher stretch for Amazon shares. down nearly 18%.

AMZNNegative Net Change AAPLNegative Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change BBYPositive Net Change FBNegative Net Change GOOGLNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Stick With These Leaders in This Tough Market Environment

The consumer staples sector has broken out to new all-time highs, a signal that this move has more room to run.

HRLPositive Net Change TSNPositive Net Change XLPPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Bull of the Day: OGE Energy Corp. (OGE)

With a robust earnings history and an improving future outlook, OGE Energy represents a great opportunity.

OGEPositive Net Change