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Plus 5 Just-Added Strong Buys
Kevin Matras   
Profit from the Pros
By Kevin Matras
Executive Vice President
Zacks Investment Research

Stocks Closed Mostly Higher On Tech-Led Rally

Stocks closed mostly higher yesterday with the Nasdaq up 1.71% and the S&P up 0.88%.

Nvidia (and other tech firms keyed into the generative AI space), led the gainers.

But the biggest winner was Nvidia as they soared by more than 24% yesterday, after posting both top and bottom line surprises, and sharp upward revenue guidance, on Wednesday afternoon.

After the close yesterday we heard from tech firm Marvell Technology, and they posted a 6.90% positive EPS surprise, and a 1.59% positive sales surprise. They also upped current quarter guidance to 27-37 cents (midpoint of 32) vs. the consensus for 31 cents. They were up 7.59% before earnings. They added another 14.6% in after-hours trade.

Debt ceiling worries persist, although they appeared to take a backset to yesterday's tech-led rally.

Some are still holding out hope for a deal this week. We shall see.

But the brinkmanship from both sides so far has led Fitch Ratings to put the U.S. AAA rating on negative watch.

Whether that helps serve as a wake-up call for what's to come if D.C. fails to reach a deal soon, who knows. Let's hope it does.

In other news, the second estimate for Q1 GDP came in at 1.3%, up from the first estimate of 1.1%. We'll get the third and final estimate for Q1 next month.

But investors have already set their sights on Q2. And according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's GDP Now forecast, they are estimating Q2 at 2.9%.

Weekly Jobless Claims rose 4,000 to 229K. (But that increase in new claims was only up from the steep downward revision to last week's original 242K to 225K.)

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index rose to 0.07 from last week's downwardly revised -0.37.

The Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Index improved to -1 from last month's -10.

The Pending Home Sales Index was flat (0.0%) m/m vs. the consensus for 1.1%. The index itself is at 78.9, the same as last month.

Today we'll get the Durable Goods Orders report, the International Trade in Goods and Services report, Retail and Wholesale Inventories, and Consumer Sentiment.

We'll also get the Income and Outlays report which features the Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) index. Since this is the Fed's preferred inflation gauge, all eyes will be on that in the morning. The consensus is calling for a modest increase m/m, with a slight uptick in y/y headline inflation (4.3% vs. last month's 4.2%), and no change in core inflation at 4.6%, the same as last month. It comes out at 8:30 AM ET.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the debt ceiling, we could see some added volatility today going into the 3-day Memorial Day weekend. (Markets are closed on Monday.)

At the moment, the Dow and the S&P are in the red for the week, but the tech-heavy Nasdaq is currently in the green for the week. The Nasdaq notched its fourth up week in a row last week. If they can do it again this week, that will make it number 5.

Could be a busy day today.


Kevin Matras

Executive Vice President, Zacks Investment Research


Missed the NVIDIA Jump?

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