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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Today's Research Daily features updated research reports on 16 major stocks, including Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A), Home Depot (HD) and Toyota (TM). These 16 reports have been hand-picked from the 80 or so fresh reports issued by our analyst team today. All of today's research reports are here >>>

Royal Dutch Shell shares have struggled lately with weak quarterly results and supply disruptions at its Nigerian operations. As a result, the stock has been a mid-tier performer relative to its super-major peers. These issues notwithstanding, the analyst likes the company's strong and diversified portfolio of development projects that offer attractive long-term opportunities. The acquisition of BG Group has improved its prospects even further. (You can read the full research report on Royal Dutch Shell here>>)

Buy-rated Home Depot shares have lagged fellow Lowe's lately and market participants weren't imperssed with its June quarter results the other day either. But as Lowe's much weaker quarterly results this morning reconfirm, Home Depot is still the leader in this space. The company's focus on developing merchandising tools and investments in buildinginterconnected capabilities set it apart. (You can read the full research report on Home Depot here>>)

Toyota Motors shares have led their U.S. peers in an otherwise tough stock market environment for automakers where investors are concerned abut the long-term sustainability of current trends in sales.  In the research report issued today, the Zacks analyst discusses the pros & cons of investing in Toyota shares at present, but he likes the company's focus on product development, capacity increases and expansion in emerging markets. The automaker has also made several structural changes in order to deliver high-quality vehicles and improve the strength and autonomy of regional operations.  (You can read the full research report on Toyota Motors here>>)

You can find all of today's stock research reports here >>>.

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