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The Next Big Trend Investors Will Miss

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Investors are always looking for the next big thing. When they find it, the opportunity can pay out fast or it can take a couple of years to develop. The trades that work out over the longer-term are usually referred to as a “market trend.”

You might be shocked to find out that you missed one of the biggest hidden trends over the last year. I’m not talking about Apple, Tesla, or even Bitcoin. While those are all very well-known outperformers, what I’m bringing you today was a big secret up until recently. This hidden treasure resides in the commodity asset class, in a segment that you might not have known existed.

While most have invested in commodities via gold or oil ETFs, it’s likely they were not involved in this hot trade.

What am I talking about?


Let’s talk numbers 

When everyone else panicked, investors that bought silver over the last few months were rewarded. In the middle of March, when the virus fears were at their highest, silver was trading at $11.64 an ounce. As of last week, silver was trading at $27, that’s a gain of 138% in just under six months. 

The silver move started after markets rallied and global central banks began easing money policies. Gold and silver have been great places to hide from potential fiat currency risk, but silver has seen the most extreme move for any metal this year. 

How could an average investor have gotten in? 

For big traders and investors, the silver futures contract was the way to get exposure. But for average retail investors, they don’t have access to the futures markets as they do to stocks and EFTs.  

Luckily for those that saw the silver move coming, there were a handful of ways to get exposure: 

SLV- The biggest silver ETF is the iShares Silver Trust. The ETF was trading under $11 at its lows and now trades around the $25 level. 

AGQ- The ProShares Ultra Silver ETF gives investors leveraged exposure to daily silver moves. This instrument is designed to double the move of silver  every day. AGQ bottomed under $13 earlier this year and now traded over $60, for a move of over 350%. 

SIL- Another way to play was to buy the companies that pull silver out of the ground. This silver miner ETF pools the miner stocks into its product and has seen a move of over 200% since March.

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Notice to Zacks Members

Investors make big money on commodities – why not you? When the time was right, George Soros won a billion dollar bet against the British pound. John Arnold raked in billions on natural gas. Louis Bacon cashed in big on oil by predicting the Gulf War.

Today you don’t have to be a billionaire speculator in futures or options to catch timely, skyrocketing moves.

This Zacks investment strategy uses only  easy-to-trade stocks and ETFs to  target essential products like gold, gas, grains, currencies, energy, coffee, and more. Though the battle with the coronavirus rages on, enormous pent-up consumer demand will soon be unleashed. Then add a wave of momentum from new trade deals to the mix. We expect short-term jumps of +20% to +40% and long-term booms reaching +100%, +200%,  and beyond.

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The gold and silver story still has legs!

Most of the fun to be had in metals has passed. The trade now seems exhausted. However, there might be some more meat on the bone as traders scramble to cover short positions, forcing a short squeeze even higher. Additionally, if more stimulus comes from governments and central banks to assist with the COVID lockdowns, we could see more buying interest.

While you might have missed the big move, make sure you don’t miss the next commodity opportunity.

What’s the next big trend? 

Recently, commodity markets have started to grind higher as economies begin to reopen. Demand is finally coming back, which is excellent for prices. Additionally, the stocks that are associated with commodities are beginning to see some strength.  

I see a similar move to silver forming for another commodity, one that could be a top performer as we close out the year. This story is more of a supply/demand issue in a commodity that has severely underperformed for the last two years 

If we get a vaccine and the economic environment normalizes, I expect bullish trends in commodities to accelerate even more. We have already seen the strength in certain commodity markets as China came back online.

The segment I have identified is still on sale right now! And when the trend resumes, we could see the same kind of results in 2021 that silver showed investors this year. 

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Good Investing,


Jeremy Mullin is a technical expert with 15 years’ experience pinpointing the best times to buy and sell commodities. He is the editor of Zacks’ new portfolio, Commodity Innovators.