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Here we are on Election Day 2012.  Setting your political opinions aside (I know we all have a plethora), what stocks or sectors do you believe will thrive no matter who takes the White House?

Many believe today’s election will be a tough one to call, but if you were positioning yourself right now in an investment for the next few years what would it be?

I have been thinking long and hard about this and my favorite is actually a commodity.

Listening to both candidates over the last six months or so, watching three debates and reading both of their websites, it seems to me that they both believe in an energy independent America.

While each differs on which technologies will be the best end result, I think it’s safe to say that an agreed upon “bridge” is natural gas.  It’s cheap, in abundance and is already being adopted by fleets, municipalities and taxis all over the states.  

(Consumers are coming soon)

Companies like Shell, Flying J, Chesapeake and GE are working to add thousands of CNG filling stations and infra-structure over the next year.

While there is a large amount of supply ready to come online, I would be a buyer of natural gas itself.  While I would prefer the actual commodity contract, UNG (ETF) would be a reasonable alternitve.

Even though the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the Potential Gas Committee has estimates a minimum of 100 years' worth of proven natural gas reserve, the sharp increase in consumption is sure to bolster prices.

I also have a feeling that this winter will NOT be as mild as the last…

What are your favorite “election proof” investments?

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