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Shuvra Shankar Dey

3 Stocks to Buy From the Thriving Advertising & Marketing Industry

Industry Outlook

The Zacks Advertising and Marketing industry's prospects look good on healthy manufacturing and service activities. PUBGY, GAMB and HHS are likely to ride on a digital marketing surge and client-centric strategies.

PUBGYPositive Net Change HHSNegative Net Change GAMBPositive Net Change

Tracey Ryniec

Bear of the Day: PulteGroup (PHM)

Bear of the Day

Housing is going to be tough in 2023.

PHMNegative Net Change

Tracey Ryniec

Bull of the Day: Ethan Allen (ETD)

Bull of the Day

Home is where the heart is.

ETDNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

S&P 500 Overtakes Key 4,000 Level: Stocks to Watch

Investment Ideas

Buying pressure accelerated Tuesday afternoon, as all sectors found positive territory.

NFLXNegative Net Change MPCNegative Net Change ARRYPositive Net Change

Benjamin Rains

How to Find 'Strong Buy' Stocks Before Thanksgiving

Screen of the Week

Investors can utilize the Filtered Zacks Rank 5 Stock Screen to help find potentially winning stocks that have provided upbeat EPS guidance as the larger earnings outlook fades heading into Thanksgiving and the final month of 2022.

GLPNegative Net Change EFSCPositive Net Change

Sheraz Mian

Breaking Down Retail Earnings That Highlight Slowing Consumer Spending

Earnings Preview

It is no surprise that the combined weight of elevated inflation, rising interest rates and uncertainty about the economy have forced consumers to change their spending behavior.

MPositive Net Change TGTNegative Net Change WMTPositive Net Change LOWNegative Net Change FLPositive Net Change

Sheraz Mian

Evaluating Further Downside Risks to Earnings Estimates

Earnings Outlook

Full year 2023 earnings estimates have been coming down after peaking in mid-April, with the aggregate total down -8.4% from the peak for the index

TGTNegative Net Change WMTPositive Net Change LOWNegative Net Change

John Blank

5 Reasons the Housing Market Is Not About to Crash

Economic Outlook

It is well known by now that millennials will drive the housing market for years to come. They are the most educated generation in history, they are larger than the baby boomer generation, and the largest group of them are ages 29-33.

VNQPositive Net Change MORTPositive Net Change HOMZPositive Net Change

John Blank

Elections to Clear Up Uncertainty: Zacks NOV Strategy

Market Strategy

Tuesday's U.S. midterm elections should clear up recent political uncertainty. Stock markets never like any flavor of uncertainty. How should eager investors play fresh bullish sentiment?

HALNegative Net Change LPLAPositive Net Change PSINegative Net Change FTXLNegative Net Change MEDPNegative Net Change

Daniel Laboe

Trading Options QQQ for a Near-Term Bounce

Know Your Options

I'm not calling a singular momentous bottom but, I am calling for a bounce here after two failed breakdowns.

QQQNegative Net Change

John Blank

3 HOT Wood Building Product Picks to Grab Now

Zacks Industry Rank Analysis

For eight weeks in a row, its Zacks Industry Rank has toggled between #7 to #20 out of 254 industry groups we rank. That's in the Top 8% or better.

JELDPositive Net Change BXCNegative Net Change BCCPositive Net Change