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Derek Lewis

Bear of the Day: Albemarle (ALB)

Falling lithium prices have weighed heavily on the company's outlook, with analysts slashing expectations.

ALBNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Bear of the Day: Huntsman (HUN)

With Huntsman's (HUN) stock now down a grizzly -23% over the last year it's still too soon to bite on the dip as the frustrating start to 2024 may continue.

HUNNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

3 Intriguing Stocks to Consider as Earrings Approach

With optimism springing in markets today on the back of the Fed leaving rates unchanged, several intriguing companies are set to report third quarter results on Friday, November 3 with now looking like a good time to buy their stocks.

SREPositive Net Change CBOEPositive Net Change KOPNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Top-Ranked Stocks Delivering Long-Term Outperformance

Market-beating returns appeal to any investor. And for those seeking long-term outperformers, all three of these stocks precisely fit the criteria.

SHWPositive Net Change DECKNegative Net Change ANETNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Bear of the Day: Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (SQM)

The company is witnessing negative earnings estimate revisions as its stock hovers near 52-week lows.

SQMNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

These 3 Companies Have Seen Recent Insider Activity

It's easy to understand why investors closely follow insider activity, as it can provide a snapshot of current sentiment surrounding a company's future.

SHWPositive Net Change AXPNegative Net Change OXYNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

These 3 Companies Recently Lifted Guidance

A company can raise guidance for various reasons, including increased demand, successful cost-saving measures, or favorable market conditions.

TNegative Net Change UNHNegative Net Change PPGNegative Net Change

Andrew Rocco

Embrace 3 Opportunities Amid Geopolitical Chaos

In the wake of escalating conflict in the Middle East, investors should remember to focus on historical market data rather than emotional reactions. Amidst the chaos, 3 opportunities arise for investors who stick to data and market precedent.

NVDANegative Net Change CCJNegative Net Change SMCINegative Net Change PLTRNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

What's Going On With Tesla Shares?

Tesla shares soared today, undoubtedly to the likes of investors. Have bulls regained control? It wasn't just Tesla stealing the spotlight, though, with shares of several other companies seeing attention.

PPGNegative Net Change TSLANegative Net Change AALPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

3 Basic Materials Stocks to Buy for Sound Growth & Value

These basic materials stocks make a strong case for being undervalued considering their importance to a variety of end markets.

PPGNegative Net Change HWKNNegative Net Change NUENegative Net Change

Ethan Feller

Bear of the Day: Ashland Inc. (ASH)

A challenging industry environment is leading to a decline in earnings estimates and a falling stock price

ASHNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Bear of the Day: Ashland Inc. (ASH)

Ashland has seen top line growth stall out, with shares primarily facing selling pressure throughout 2023.

ASHNegative Net Change

Benjamin Rains

Bear of the Day: Tronox Holdings plc (TROX)

Tronox fell short of our second quarter earnings estimates by a wide margin on July 26. And TROX's EPS outlook has slipped even further since its big miss and disappointing outlook.

TROXPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

Seeking Stability? 3 Top-Ranked Large-Caps to Buy

While small-caps may boast explosive growth characteristics, the stability of large-caps attracts many. And recently, analysts have become bullish on these three.

JPMPositive Net Change CATNegative Net Change PPGNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

2 Highly Ranked Stocks to Buy as Earnings Approach

Investors looking for stocks that may be able to turn the corner and keep moving higher this earnings season may want to consider BJ's Restaurants (BJRI) and PPG Industries (PPG).

BJRINegative Net Change PPGNegative Net Change

Tracey Ryniec

Bull of the Day: PPG Industries (PPG)

Analysts get bullish on paint and coatings.

PPGNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Bear of the Day: Stepan Co. (SCL)

Buying pressure remains weak in this low-rated stock.

SCLNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

3 Stocks to Buy After Impressive Earnings Beats

Largely surpassing first-quarter earnings expectations is starting to reconfirm that these companies should have a strong fiscal 2023.

INTTNegative Net Change KOPNegative Net Change CNKNegative Net Change

Ethan Feller

Buy these 2 Stocks to Hedge Against a Second Wave of Inflation

The CPI report on Wednesday showed that the rate of inflation continued to slow, albeit at a meager pace

NEENegative Net Change PPGNegative Net Change DBAPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

2 Unique Dividend Aristocrats to Diversify the Portfolio

Here are two Dividend Aristocrats that are top-rated Zacks stocks at the moment and can offer unique exposure and diversification to investors' portfolios.

BDXNegative Net Change LINPositive Net Change

Ethan Feller

Materials Sector is Showing Relative Strength: 3 Stocks to Buy

All the major sector ETFs had a challenging performance over the last week as well. But one sector bucked the trend and outperformed...

STLDNegative Net Change NUENegative Net Change XLBNegative Net Change LINPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

2 Stocks to Consider Buying After Strong Q4 Results

Both Ecolab (ECL) and Marriott (MAR) stocks look more attractive following better-than-expected Q4 results and strong guidance.

ECLPositive Net Change MARPositive Net Change

David Bartosiak

Bear of the Day: Eastman Chemical (EMN)

Chemical stocks had their day in the sun, are earnings saying the best is over?

APDPositive Net Change BASFYNegative Net Change EMNNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

BP vs. Occidental Petroleum: Which Stock is the Better Buy for 2023?

Both companies appear to be strong long-term investments considering their current valuations and the ability to not depend solely on oil prices with diversity among their businesses.

BPNegative Net Change OXYNegative Net Change

Brian Bolan

Bear Of The Day: International Flavor and Fragrances (IFF)

Despite a good history of beating the number, estimates for next year are coming down.

IFFPositive Net Change