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Spoken Word: Archive

John Blank

Is the U.S. Economy Finally Cooling?

Likely, it takes several months of macro data to answer that question.

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John Blank

Can Tech & Mega-Caps Take Stocks Even Higher?

This is perhaps the biggest worry, now.

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John Blank

Memorial Day 2024: How is the U.S. Consumer Doing?

It is time, for a health check, on the all-important U.S. consumer.

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John Blank

U.S. Stocks, or World Stocks?

Rate cuts in Europe and Latin America, not the USA, get me thinking.

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John Blank

Making a Connection Between Private Net Worth and Public Debt Issuance

A Big U.S. Election Approaches. Consequences from This Will Produce Heated Debates.

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John Blank

Can Tesla's Earnings Struggle Take Down the "Mag 7"?

The Electric Vehicle Downcycle May Have Broader Consequences.

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John Blank

What Will the FOMC Do in 2024?

Bond and stock traders fell in line -- with Fed consensus. For now.

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John Blank

Can We See More Upside, With This Stock Market Rally?

Oftentimes, strong momentum trading leads to more momentum.

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John Blank

Here's an Updated "Bull-Bear" Debate on the U.S. Economy

There's always two sides to every argument. But one may be stronger.

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John Blank

Can This U.S. "AI" Boom Override Geopolitics?

An Aggressive Posture on Asset Allocation Can Remain Attractive.

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John Blank

Do Traders Over-Focus on the CPI?

"Don't Fight the Fed" may be too dominant a theme, now.

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John Blank

What are the Major Stock Market Risks for 2024?

After Davos is over, let's prognosticate from the cheap seats.

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John Blank

Where is That Pesky Recession?

Worriers are still out there. Is there any fresh evidence to support them?

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John Blank

Can the Magnificent Seven Carry Stocks Even Higher?

Or do we need to see broader share participation?

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John Blank

Can Q3 GDP Excite Investors?

The recession bears will never go away. The bulls can take advantage of that.

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John Blank

After This Correction, Time to Buy Stocks?

That is a worthy topic, isn't it?

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John Blank

Did a Data-Driven Fed Get it Right?

The FOMC meeting is done. Let's discuss the latest macro facts.

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John Blank

Time to Buy Stocks in September?

A lull is here. Is this a buyable dip?

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John Blank

Will the FOMC Tighten, Given Good CPI Data?

Will their shift in rates spark too much turbulence in Financials?

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John Blank

Can the S&P500 Keep Trucking, Led by 7 Tech Monsters?

The S&P500 forward 12M P/E multiple is at a high 18.9.

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John Blank

Where Might 2024 Investors Harvest Returns?

One source for those answers: Chief Investment Officers (CIOs).

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John Blank

Can U.S. Consumer Strength Remain Strong?

Summer rolls along. It is likely seasonal activity helps.

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John Blank

Did the FOMC Tighten Too Much?

The regional bank crisis remains a key FOMC focus.

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John Blank

Can Info Tech Stocks Carry the S&P500 Even Higher?

Sector breadth is not there, right now.

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John Blank

How did the U.S. and Global Economy fare in Q1?

Tune in. Fresh macro insights come along with a few fresh thoughts on Q1 earnings.

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