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Spoken Word: Archive

John Blank

Did a Data-Driven Fed Get it Right?

The FOMC meeting is done. Let's discuss the latest macro facts.

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John Blank

Time to Buy Stocks in September?

A lull is here. Is this a buyable dip?

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John Blank

Will the FOMC Tighten, Given Good CPI Data?

Will their shift in rates spark too much turbulence in Financials?

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John Blank

Can the S&P500 Keep Trucking, Led by 7 Tech Monsters?

The S&P500 forward 12M P/E multiple is at a high 18.9.

KMBNegative Net Change URBNNegative Net Change SIEGYNegative Net Change

John Blank

Where Might 2024 Investors Harvest Returns?

One source for those answers: Chief Investment Officers (CIOs).

VMCPositive Net Change MLMPositive Net Change ZBHPositive Net Change

John Blank

Can U.S. Consumer Strength Remain Strong?

Summer rolls along. It is likely seasonal activity helps.

FPositive Net Change CMGNegative Net Change MNSTPositive Net Change

John Blank

Did the FOMC Tighten Too Much?

The regional bank crisis remains a key FOMC focus.

MARNegative Net Change MCDNegative Net Change BKNGPositive Net Change

John Blank

Can Info Tech Stocks Carry the S&P500 Even Higher?

Sector breadth is not there, right now.

KRPositive Net Change FDXPositive Net Change MSGSNegative Net Change

John Blank

How did the U.S. and Global Economy fare in Q1?

Tune in. Fresh macro insights come along with a few fresh thoughts on Q1 earnings.

STMPositive Net Change SEPositive Net Change IFNNYNegative Net Change

John Blank

What to do with the Real Estate sector?

Shorts have been pounding away. Where to from here?

BIDUNegative Net Change IRNegative Net Change BIOPositive Net Change

John Blank

Only Electric Autos in 10 Years' Time?

And a few more macroeconomic thoughts, along with that.

CRMNegative Net Change NVONegative Net Change METAPositive Net Change

John Blank

Will Another Shoe Drop on the Regional Banks?

The U.S. monetary and bank regulatory system has plans, if it does.

GWWPositive Net Change ADRNYNegative Net Change LVMUYNegative Net Change

John Blank

How Will the U.S. Economy Hold Up This Year?

It's always time for a 'recession' update.

CDNSPositive Net Change MELIPositive Net Change BOUYFNo Net Change

John Blank

Talking About Headwinds and Tailwinds

What keeps this stock market range-trading.

RSPositive Net Change NGGNegative Net Change SWGAYNegative Net Change

John Blank

An Update on the Q4 Earnings Season

It's time for the latest perspective, coming from the data.

LRLCYNegative Net Change BABANegative Net Change LVMUYNegative Net Change

John Blank

How Did COVID Reshape the Labor Markets

The latest research focuses on retirees.

NVONegative Net Change SAPNegative Net Change STLANegative Net Change

John Blank

What Lies Ahead for the U.S. and Global Economies?

A New Year approaches, with worry abundant.

CCHGYNo Net Change DCPPositive Net Change YAMHFPositive Net Change

John Blank

Will We See a Santa Claus Rally?

This year, the S&P500 at 4,000 is tough resistance.

HALPositive Net Change IBKRPositive Net Change CSGPPositive Net Change

John Blank

Concerned About a "Boom-Bust" in Housing?

The current U.S. housing market isn't a one-size-fits-all situation.

WRBNo Net Change TSPositive Net Change ZSNegative Net Change

John Blank

Did Midterm Voters Help Stocks Out?

They usually do. Markets don't like political uncertainty.

HALPositive Net Change LPLANegative Net Change MEDPPositive Net Change

John Blank

Consumer Price Inflation Really Matters

What CPI index groups should you consult?

MKGAFNegative Net Change ECPositive Net Change BDORYNegative Net Change

John Blank

A Look Ahead to 2023

2023 is the forward look now.

SONegative Net Change VLOPositive Net Change FTNTNegative Net Change

John Blank

5 Big Tech Tickers

What role they play, now, in the tale of the tape.

BRK.BPositive Net Change CDNSPositive Net Change JDNegative Net Change

John Blank

U.S. Macroeconomic Forces in Play

How to see the big macro insights.

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John Blank

4 Giant Converging U.S. Tech Groups

Can 4 monster U.S. tech groups keep the S&P500 afloat?

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