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Investment Ideas: Archive

Derek Lewis

3 Top-Ranked Healthcare Stocks Thriving in 2022

Healthcare stocks generally carry a defensive nature, helping to shield investors from the market's volatility. Demand for the services these companies provide won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

MCKNegative Net Change HUMPositive Net Change MOHPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Top-Ranked Utility Stocks Shaking off Market Woes

Consumers have a never-ending need for the services provided by these companies, which helps explains why they've fared better than most in a historically-volatile 2022.

NFGNegative Net Change OTTRNegative Net Change CWCONegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Funtober: Has the Market Shifted into Rally Mode?

As stocks bounce from oversold levels, new opportunities are being created in the process - a welcomed sight for bullish investors.

CCRNNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

White Gold; 3 Lithium Stocks for a Supercharged EV Industry

Due to its color and skyrocketing market value, many have coined lithium "white gold." Those with exposure to the metal are in a stellar position to reap the rewards from a booming EV landscape.

ALBNegative Net Change SQMNegative Net Change LTHMNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Dividend Kings; 3 Stocks That Recently Made the Cut

Dividend Aristocrats are highly-respectable in their own right, but Dividend Kings take the throne. Several companies have recently made their way into the elite club.

TGTNegative Net Change PPGPositive Net Change SYYPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

Macau Mania: Worthy of a Bet?

Yesterday, several gaming and casino-related stocks stole the spotlight, providing serious gains. Should investors try to tap into the resurgence of Macau?

LVSPositive Net Change WYNNPositive Net Change MGMPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

This Highly Ranked Chinese Stock is Outpacing the Market

At a time when many companies are seeing earnings estimates fall, this company is standing out above the rest.

EEMPositive Net Change PDDNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Medical Stocks Displaying Remarkable Relative Strength in 2022

In addition to favorable price action, all three carry a strong growth profile, making them appear even more enticing.

AZNNegative Net Change UNHPositive Net Change MCKNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Find Sunshine in a Dark Fiscal Overcast With These 3 Stocks

With the Federal Reserve continuing its hawkish trajectory, investors could benefit from deploying a defense-heavy approach with these three low-beta stocks.

MOPositive Net Change PEPNegative Net Change CPBNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Top-Ranked Stocks With Dividend Yields Greater Than 5%

Targeting dividend-paying stocks is a lucrative strategy that allows investors to receive a steady income stream, providing extra cushion to drawdowns in other positions.

EPDPositive Net Change IEPPositive Net Change NWBINegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Fight a Hawkish Fed With These 3 Top Financial Stocks

A hawkish Fed is bad news for many stocks. Still, those in the financial sector can realize higher profit margins.

UNMNegative Net Change ARCCNegative Net Change OZKNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Lessons From Nature: The Industry Group Phenomenon

Lessons from the natural world can help us understand human behavior.

TAPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

Defense Wins Ballgames; 3 Blue-Chip Stocks To Consider

Due to their well-established nature and track records of success, these companies are positioned to weather a dark fiscal cloud better than most.

CATNegative Net Change JNJNegative Net Change MCKNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Time for Investors To Revisit the Pandemic Winners?

Deep in the red year-to-date, do these once big-time winners have any gas left in the tank?

TDOCNegative Net Change ZMNegative Net Change PTONNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Park Your Cash in This Market-Beating, Dividend-Paying Industry

The industry boasts a large number of highly ranked stocks per our Zacks Rank system.

SONegative Net Change XLUNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Mega-Cap Stocks With Unbelievably Strong Free Cash Flow

All three companies generate substantial cash. In fact, one reported the highest quarterly free cash flow of any S&P 500 company in Q2.

AAPLPositive Net Change PFENegative Net Change GOOGLNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Tanker Stocks Continue Bucking the Market's Downtrend

This year, tanker rates have already increased to levels we would typically expect months from now.

STNGNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Fight Higher Interest Rates With These 3 Top Insurance Stocks

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has been very clear in his message that the rate hikes will continue until inflation cools to the Fed's 2% target rate.

UNMNegative Net Change RGAPositive Net Change BHFNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

These 3 Low-Beta Stocks Are Great Shields Against Volatility

Investors could heavily benefit from an increased level of defense in their portfolios amid the challenging macroeconomic backdrop we've found ourselves in.

KONegative Net Change JNJNegative Net Change KRNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

A Simple System to Identify Winning Stocks in Volatile Markets

Following a system rather than relying on predictions is going to produce much more favorable results over time.

LNTHPositive Net Change METANegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Tap Into the Supercharged EV Industry With These 3 Stocks

The EV boom is finally here. And after years of speculation, it's never felt more real. It goes without saying that investors have a tremendous opportunity to reap potential life-changing gains over the next decade.

FPositive Net Change GMNegative Net Change TSLANegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Quarterly Reports That Investors Shouldn't Ignore

As earnings season fades, let's look at several notable quarterly reports that inspired investor confidence.

LULUPositive Net Change PANWPositive Net Change ETDNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Highly-Ranked Stocks Income Investors Can't Ignore

In addition to steep dividend payouts, all three stocks sport a strong Zacks Rank, telling us that business is fruitful and their near-term earnings outlook is bright.

EPDPositive Net Change SQMNegative Net Change HSBCNegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Markets Attempt Turnaround as Apple Holds "Far Out" iPhone 14 Event

The company's annual September keynote occasion has become a mainstay for Apple followers over the years.

AAPLPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

Invest Like Warren Buffett With These 3 Stocks

The Oracle of Omaha has been on the offensive in 2022, recognizing value in a challenging market.

AAPLPositive Net Change OXYPositive Net Change MCKNegative Net Change