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Investment Ideas: Archive

Shaun Pruitt

3 High Growth Stocks to Buy After Earnings

Continuing their streaks of exceeding quarterly earnings expectations, the expansion of these companies should definitely be on investors' radars.

PVHPositive Net Change OKTANegative Net Change ESTCPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Stocks Waver to Begin December: Here's What to Expect

Periods of low volatility are inevitably followed by periods of high volatility.

RCLPositive Net Change SPOTPositive Net Change COINPositive Net Change

Andrew Rocco

Tapping into India's Growth: 3 ADRs to Own Now

India has one of the fastest growing economies on Earth. U.S. investors can take advantage of the growth with 3 ADRs.

INFYNegative Net Change IBNPositive Net Change TSLANegative Net Change MMYTPositive Net Change INDAPositive Net Change

Andrew Rocco

2024 Gameplan: 5 Rules to Find Success

Breaking down markets to their simplest form can help investors by providing clarity, facilitating better understanding, and aiding decision-making. Stock Strategist Andrew Rocco explains.

IBBPositive Net Change IWMPositive Net Change KREPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

3 Stocks That Should Be on Your Radar in December

November was a very strong month for the stock market and here are three stocks that could have more upside as we enter December.

SAICPositive Net Change OLLIPositive Net Change NAPAPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Don't Overlook These Top-Rated Stocks After Earnings

After easily surpassing their quarterly earnings expectations on Wednesday a few top-rated Zacks stocks are rising in today's trading session.

SNOWPositive Net Change NTNXNegative Net Change ROADPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

This Combination of 3 Stocks Provides Monthly Income

Investors who select stocks in a structured manner can create a portfolio that pays them monthly. Who doesn't love payday?

ADMNegative Net Change CAHPositive Net Change ABBVPositive Net Change

Ethan Feller

Market Pullback Setting up the Year End Rally: 2 Must Follow Stocks for Investors

From my point of view, it looks like the Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 broke down from a consolidation this morning

PINSNegative Net Change DDOGNegative Net Change

Ethan Feller

Interest Rate Cuts on the Horizon: 3 Stocks Primed to Benefit

Now that economists are beginning to expect a more regular economic picture, investors can soon expect interest rates to regulate as well

UPWKNegative Net Change CRWDPositive Net Change NETPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Mining Stocks Shine as Gold Nears All-Time High

A falling dollar now presents a major tailwind for gold prices.

AGINegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

2 Attractive Value Stocks to Consider as Earnings Approach

Dell Technologies (DELL) and Titan Machinery (TITN) are two attractive value stocks to consider ahead of their Q3 results on Thursday, November 30.

DELLNegative Net Change TITNPositive Net Change NVDANegative Net Change

Bryan Hayes

Temu-Parent PDD Joins E-Commerce Party as Sales Blow Away Expectations

E-commerce companies have much to be thankful for following the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

AMZNNegative Net Change MELINegative Net Change JDNegative Net Change BABANegative Net Change SHOPNegative Net Change PDDNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

3 Intriguing Internet-Software Stocks to Buy as Earnings Approach

Currently in the top 13% of over 250 Zacks industries, these Zacks Internet-Software Industry stocks are expected to post stellar quarterly growth as easing inflation continues to bode well for the broader technology sector.

WDAYNegative Net Change SNOWPositive Net Change CRWDPositive Net Change

Andrew Rocco

5 Tips to Avoid "Dead $" Stocks

Owning a "dead money" stock can frustrate investors as these stocks often plateau and fail to regain their previous highs. Andrew Rocco discusses the importance of ongoing evaluation of investment choices to avoid being stuck with sideways moving stocks.

MSFTNegative Net Change KONegative Net Change TSLANegative Net Change DIANegative Net Change SHOPNegative Net Change ARKKPositive Net Change

Andrew Rocco

Argentine Election Fallout: 3 Assets to Benefit

If Argentine president-elect Javier Milei can turn around the struggling Argentine economy, crisis will lead to opportunity in these 3 assets.

YPFNegative Net Change MSTRPositive Net Change ARGTNegative Net Change GBTCPositive Net Change BITOPositive Net Change

Ethan Feller

Nvidia Earnings Beat: If the Music is Playing, You Better Get Up and Dance

Nvidia earnings review, plus a cheaper semiconductor stock investors can consider

NVDANegative Net Change SMCINegative Net Change SMHNegative Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

Is Nvidia's Stock Still a Buy After Record Q3 Revenue?

There was a lot to like about Nvidia's (NVDA) third quarter results after market hours on Tuesday including records in total revenue and Data Center sales.

NVDANegative Net Change AMDNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

Revisiting Pandemic Winners: Any Juice Left?

The pandemic was an interesting period in the market, to say the least, and those who targeted the stay-at-home stocks were rewarded handsomely with considerable gains. How do they look now?

SHOPNegative Net Change ZMNegative Net Change PTONPositive Net Change

Bryan Hayes

A Winning Stock Selection Process to Be Thankful For

This process has consistently identified winning stocks in any market environment.

DELLNegative Net Change

Ethan Feller

Momentum Masters: 3 Mid-Cap Tech Stocks Investors can Buy Now

These companies are bringing unique and innovative solutions to their markets, enjoy tremendous growth rates, and have the potential to become truly revolutionary companies

PINSNegative Net Change DDOGNegative Net Change DUOLPositive Net Change

Andrew Rocco

Nvidia EPS Preview

Nvidia is up 245% year-to-date and will report EPS tonight. Can earnings momentum keep the stock going?

NVDANegative Net Change

Ethan Feller

Oil Prices on the Rise: 3 Top Ranked Energy Stocks Breaking Out Now

A strong economy, cheap valuations, top ranks, and powerful technical trade setups make energy investments highly compelling investment considerations

PBRNegative Net Change ECNegative Net Change LBRTPositive Net Change

Shaun Pruitt

2 Retail Apparel Stocks to Consider as Earnings Approach

Retail apparel companies are a highlight of this week's earnings lineup with American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) and Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF) standing out ahead of their third quarter reports on Tuesday, November 21.

ANFNegative Net Change AEOPositive Net Change JWNPositive Net Change URBNNegative Net Change GESNegative Net Change

Derek Lewis

These 3 Buy-Rated Stocks Are Displaying Notable Momentum

Amid the recent favorable price action within the market, several stocks, including these three, are nearing or breaking 52-week highs. Is it time to tap into the momentum?

CBOEPositive Net Change PLTRNegative Net Change CNMPositive Net Change

Andrew Rocco

3 Reasons Bitcoin's Momentum is just Beginning

Bitcoin is up 125% year-to-date versus the US Dollar. However, Stock Strategist Andrew Rocco explains why the momentum is just starting.

BLKPositive Net Change YPFNegative Net Change MSTRPositive Net Change ARGTNegative Net Change COINPositive Net Change BITOPositive Net Change