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Andrew Rocco

Bull of the Day: PDD Holdings (PDD)

PDD has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the Chinese and international e-commerce landscape, outpacing competitors with its innovative platform, Temu.

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Andrew Rocco

3 Reasons Bitcoin's Momentum is just Beginning

Bitcoin is up 125% year-to-date versus the US Dollar. However, Stock Strategist Andrew Rocco explains why the momentum is just starting.

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Andrew Rocco

A Golden Opportunity: 5 Reasons to Be Long Gold

Despite a decade of under-performance, gold is poised for a bull run. Five factors collectively suggest a promising outlook for gold, with the potential for a significant breakout in the near future.

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Andrew Rocco

Diamonds in the Rough: 3 Chinese Stocks to Consider

It's no secret that China's economy has struggled in recent years. However, Stock Strategist Andrew Rocco sees opportunity amidst the chaos.

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Sanghamitra Saha

Global Funds Bet Big on India Equities: Here's Why

Massive stimulus, normal Monsoon and government doles on rural India have been favoring India investing.

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Urmimala Biswas

4 Sectors in Focus Following Coronavirus-Induced Selloff

While COVID-19 has dealt a huge blow to most sectors, it has opened up enormous opportunities for a few.

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John Blank

Volatility Skyrockets: Global Week Ahead

Sure, central banks are slashing interest rates, but jump-starting the economic recovery might need large doses of government spending as well, in the form of tax breaks, infrastructure, welfare and so on.

REGNPositive Net Change TSMPositive Net Change ITOCYPositive Net Change

John Blank

Coronavirus: How Does It Affect the Global Economy?

For the time being, becoming infected by the regular flu (Influenza) is far more likely in the U.S. ...and deadlier.

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John Blank

A Struggle to Find Revenue Growth: Global Week Ahead

About 90% of S&P 500 companies have reported results as of Friday, Nov. 8th. 72.5% have beaten EPS estimates. Only 57.9% beat revenue estimates. A low Q3 revenue beat number (57.8%) is worrisome!

CSCOPositive Net Change FTNTNegative Net Change DXCMNegative Net Change AEMPositive Net Change WMTNegative Net Change NVDANegative Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

"Gesture of Good Will" Continues: 5 Strong Buys

As the United States and China exchange conciliatory gestures, trade war worries seem to ease. Buying these five stocks can glorify your portfolio.

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Zacks Equity Research

Company News For Jul 31, 2019

Companies In The News Are: CMI, EME, SNE, XRX.

SNEPositive Net Change EMEPositive Net Change CMIPositive Net Change XRXNegative Net Change

Zacks Equity Research

Stock Market News For Jul 30, 2019

Ongoing U.S. and China trade negotiations and expectations around a Fed rate hike kept benchmarks on a tight leash on Monday.

ITNegative Net Change AMZNPositive Net Change FBPositive Net Change PFEPositive Net Change MRKPositive Net Change HDPositive Net Change MSFTNegative Net Change MYLPositive Net Change NOVPositive Net Change INTCNegative Net Change

John Blank

New Earnings Season Opens: Global Week Ahead

The dominant trader focus inside the Global Week Ahead will surely be the Q2 earnings season -- with the usual early focus upon Financials.

JPMPositive Net Change LMTPositive Net Change DDAIFPositive Net Change BASFYPositive Net Change SAPNegative Net Change UNHPositive Net Change BHPNegative Net Change NOVPositive Net Change ASMLNegative Net Change

Mark Vickery

Income & Spending Favorable, All Eyes Toward G-20

If the scheduled meeting between Presidents Trump and Xi goes well tomorrow, we may see invigorated market indexes to start next week.

SPYPositive Net Change

John Blank

The G20 Meeting Cometh: Global Week Ahead

The weekend's G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan -- starting on Friday and running into Saturday -- should be the week's main event. But it is a closer.

MLMPositive Net Change ESALYPositive Net Change COLMPositive Net Change

Mark Vickery

U.S.-China Trade War to Escalate?

The good news is China appears willing to continue negotiating; the bad news is increased tariffs would prolong the pain of the trade war.

DIAPositive Net Change GXCPositive Net Change QQQNegative Net Change SPYPositive Net Change

John Blank

U.S. Jobs Can Bounce into Spring: Global Week Ahead

In the Global Week Ahead, Friday???s nonfarm payroll update for March is the big moment. Also, spring is here. The U.S. jobs market can bounce back with it.

FSUGYNegative Net Change WPPNegative Net Change CBRENegative Net Change

John Blank

Where Do Equities Go from Here?

The rally in what are inherently risky, growth-reliant assets makes little sense when the world economy is in slowdown mode and should therefore evaporate. But others counter the second quarter will bring more gains.

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John Blank

A Jam-Packed Global Week Ahead

The schedule is packed with loads of company quarterly earnings reports, a U.S.-China trade meeting, a FOMC rate meeting, and a US non-farm jobs report.

BANegative Net Change SNEPositive Net Change HMCPositive Net Change

John Blank

We Have a U.S.-Centric Global Week Ahead

An entrenched U.S.-China trade fight, fresh S&P 500 Q3 earnings reports and the latest Fed minutes: these three factors all combine to light up the Global Week Ahead.

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