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Shaun Pruitt

Time to Buy These "Trillion Dollar" Stocks for More Upside

Along with Nvidia (NVDA), Meta Platforms (META) currently stands out among the rare list of stocks to have hit a trillion-dollar market cap on U.S. stock exchanges.

NVDAPositive Net Change METAPositive Net Change AMZNPositive Net Change AAPLPositive Net Change MSFTPositive Net Change TSLAPositive Net Change GOOGLPositive Net Change

Sanghamitra Saha

A Guide to Metaverse ETF Investing

The concept of Metaverse is emerging right now. Several ETF issuers are coming up with new product launches on this concept.

VRNegative Net Change ARVRNegative Net Change MTVRNo Net Change METVPositive Net Change VERSNegative Net Change FMETPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

Investors Can't Get Enough of These 3 Tech Stocks in 2023

After being disheartened by Tech's poor performance in 2022, shareholders of these three companies are taking victory laps so far in 2023. Can their strength continue?

ADIPositive Net Change CRMPositive Net Change METAPositive Net Change

Tracey Ryniec

Are FANGMAN and the Big Cap Growth Stocks Back?

Tracey Ryniec and Andrew Rocco discuss the best, and worst, of the FANGMAN stocks, and Tesla, in 2023.

MSFTPositive Net Change NFLXPositive Net Change NVDAPositive Net Change TSLAPositive Net Change METAPositive Net Change

Yashwardhan Jain

A Comprehensive Guide to Video Gaming ETFs


NVDAPositive Net Change TCEHYNegative Net Change HEROPositive Net Change NTDOYPositive Net Change GAMRPositive Net Change ESPOPositive Net Change NERDPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

3 Big Surprises in Earnings Season So Far

Imagine that once every few months, you're required to release information detailing where you've spent money, made money, or even how much you've saved. Sounds a bit intimidating, right? That's precisely what companies experience in earnings season.

NFLXPositive Net Change UBERPositive Net Change METAPositive Net Change

Derek Lewis

Checking In on Social Media Stocks

As social media quickly gathers attention across the globe, so do the companies responsible for these applications. And in 2022, they had a pretty rough showing amid a challenging macroeconomic group. How do they currently stack up?

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