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Steve Reitmeister

Steve Reitmeister


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Steve Reitmeister

Executive Vice President

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Steve Reitmeister joined Zacks Investment Research in 1999 to become the Managing Editor of the Zacks Elite newsletter. Ten years later the Hulbert Digest noted the Zacks Elite had the best 10 year stock picking performance 12-1999 to 11-2009 of any newsletter they followed. Since then he has worn many hats for the firm including his current position as Executive VP in charge of and its subscription services for individual investors. His main focus is educating people on how to invest more successfully. This is primarily done through the 2 portfolios he currently runs for Zacks customers Reitmeister Trading Alert and Zacks Confidential. Plus you will find regular commentary from him on leading investment websites like, Yahoo Finance, SeekingAlpha, CNNMoney, and MarketWatch. Steve has an MBA from DePaul University and B.A. in Economics from University of Wisconsin.