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623 Heads Are Better Than 1

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The best part about working at Zacks has nothing to do with the Zacks Rank we keep bragging about. Nor is it about having more stock research at our disposal than 99.997% of other investors. (However, it is pretty cool having access to virtually every brokerage research report produced).

No. The best part is the people. 623 people to be exact.

Everywhere you turn is another intelligent, seasoned investor with keen insights on the market. Casual conversations spring up all the time to discuss the investment landscape.

Quite often we have more formal conversations too. Not with the goal of reaching consensus. Rather to sharpen everyone's mind on the key topics that move the market. And those insights become strategies and recommendations shared with Zacks members like yourself.

Amazingly there are some who would rather just concentrate on the voice of one expert to alleviate confusion. And to that I say...HOGWASH!

In this article I will discuss the benefits of taking in multiple perspectives so that you can chart the best course for investment success.

Who Wants to Be 100% Wrong?

Yes, I understand the psychological comfort that comes with following one expert with a succinct view of the investment landscape. The major problem with this approach is that a person could be 100% wrong. Like many in this industry who have been bearish nearly every day for the past four years, letting the stock soar 170% while their followers got left behind.

The market is too dynamic and complex for one person to be an expert in all areas. Better that you stand on the shoulders of many experts who have different strengths you can leverage.

The best way for me to illustrate my point is by showing you the specialties of some of the folks here at Zacks. And how you want to have their unique expertise in your corner.

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Also, receiving these recommendations costs less than any other Zacks service. Small wonder this is now far and away our most popular program.

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How to Invest? Let Me Count the Ways

Investing has more facets than a diamond. And at different times, it will take different strategies to be successful. That is mostly because of the ever-changing economic landscape. So your best bet is to have ready access to experts who can help you adjust your strategy as need be.

Here is a quick run of the expertise available to you from the team at Zacks Investment Research:

Growth Stocks: Brian Bolan has produced the most 100% winners on our staff. He has especially good insights in the tech space.

Institutional Buying Activity: The whales of Wall Street have great ability to move stocks. However, they are sneaky about their intentions. Yet, if you know where to look, the bread crumbs are there. Kevin Cook has a bead on that which has helped his Follow The Money portfolio more than double the market this year.

Quantitative Investing Strategies: Got an army of those guys led by Len Zacks himself. The Zacks Rank is the crowning achievement of the firm. Gladly there are many more successes for investors that have flowed from his groundbreaking work.

Value Investing: Tracey Ryniec has provided market-topping performance with her Value Investor portfolio. She proves that a little bit of patience really pays off.

ETF Strategies: Eric Dutram and Neena Mishra are pioneers in this field, helping us launch our Zacks Rank for ETFs.

Market Timing: The market does not move in a straight line. So market timers can outperform the major indices by reading the twists and turns correctly. Kevin Cook is just that guy.

Income Investing: Too many folks get bedazzled by a high dividend yield only to find out it's a terrible company whose falling share price actually ends up losing them money. Todd Bunton knows there is much more to income investing and that a healthy, growing company is the key.

Options Strategies: When you boil it down, the Zacks Rank is a timeliness indicator that is best employed in a 1-3 month time horizon. And there is no better way to leverage timeliness than through options trading. Kevin Matras knows how to make money with options whether the market goes up down or sideways.

Earnings Whispers: Jared Levy is getting quite a reputation in this field, predicting earnings beats at a phenomenal clip. His keen understanding of the Zacks Earnings ESP measure is the key.

Buy and Hold...Not Buy and Forget: Our Director of Research, Sheraz Mian, has shown that prudent long term investing is still alive and well.

International Investing: There is a world of investment opportunity beyond the US borders. Many with more attractive growth prospects. John Blank Ph.D. can guide you to these opportunities all available through any brokerage account.

Need I go on???

Putting It All Together

Hopefully you now agree that there is great benefit in tapping the strengths of multiple investment experts. By balancing and blending their views, you will gain greater clarity on how to invest successfully in the future.

What to do next?

Consider this. We have a program in which I personally select a Zacks expert who has a particularly hot hand and is about to trigger some compelling trades. Then I'll confide that expert's latest trades and insights to you. That's why we call this service Zacks Confidential.

Because there are only 2-3 trades per week, you won't be overloaded with alternatives. Better still, the win rate has been a remarkable 70% over the past year, and 71 of the stocks have gained double digits with ATK's +88.6% leading the pack.

This Monday, Kevin Matras will show our members how to play three high-upside stocks at sharply reduced risk. If you are interested, I suggest you look into the program now.

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Steve Reitmeister

Steve is the Executive VP in charge of and all of its subscription services. His personal mission is to help investors achieve life-changing investment success. Over the years, he has developed a full array of services to help investors do just that. And today he is proud to share with you what has fast become the most popular service at Zacks. Learn more about Zacks Confidential.

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